Commercial Locksmiths in Adelaide

On The Spot locksmiths offers a range of commercial locksmith services in Adelaide. With over 100 years of experience in the commercial locksmith trade, our consultants are highly competent in providing your business cost effective and secure lock solutions. Below is the range of commercial based locksmith services we offer through Adelaide.

Electronic Locks & Access Control - Utilising SALTO branded lock solutions; we're able to provide you state of the art electronic locks systems. These electronic locks are a total wire free solution that enables minimal office down time during installation. Restricted key systems are installed to allow custom level of access control for each individual.

Keyless EntryWe provide a range of keyless entry systems that can be integrated into your business allowing staff to access the premises without the hassle of using keys. Access will be restricted with number pads and fingerprint scanners.

Commercial Safes - Our locksmiths understand that there is distinct difference in the safes needed for commercial applications. The safe solutions we provide for commercial use ensure that we keep your business assets secure. We provide and install the safes in your office building.
The types of safes we provide are office safes, drug safes, secure cabinets and high security safes. Our safes come with cash and fire ratings.


Commercial locksmiths Adelaide

Locked Out from Your Office?

On The Spot Locksmiths are skilled in getting you access to your office when you forget your keys, code or for some reason your electronic access is faulty. If this happens to you call our experts on (08) 8347 2747 to get back in your office.

24/7 Commercial Service


No matter if its day or night our priority is to get you back in to business and concentrating on what you do best. Feel free to contact us on (08) 8347 2747 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for our commercial locksmith service.